Gene-editing startup Biogen says it will begin providing medical products to the world by 2026

Biogen will begin delivering medical products through the Biogen Genomics Alliance in the coming years, its president said.

The alliance, which was founded in 2018 by Biogen and Illumina, will provide Genomics-based medical products for the health care industry, including gene therapy, cancer diagnosis, and diagnostics, said the company’s president and CEO, Paul J. Bock, in a press release.

Biogen, founded in 2005, is the world’s largest provider of biotechnology-based diagnostics and therapeutics.

It is currently focused on producing an RNA-sequencing platform for testing HIV and other diseases and on developing new technologies for the production of nanoparticles that block DNA and RNA, among other uses.

Bock said Biogen is currently working with the Biotechnology Industry Organization of the United States, the American Association of Retired Persons, the National Institutes of Health, and other organizations to develop and implement a clinical trial for the new Biogen-Genomics Alliance program.

“We will be providing the most comprehensive medical solutions to our patients and communities in the United State by 2028,” he said.

Biolab, a San Francisco-based biotech firm that has made the same announcement in 2017, has also begun providing medical treatments through the alliance, with plans to reach patients by 2027.

“Our plan is to offer a wide variety of medical products, including diagnostic tools and therapeutic compounds for patients, to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries by 2029,” said Biotech Vice President of Medical Technology and Operations Kevin Fischbach in a statement.

“This will enable our partners to bring the full range of products, diagnostics technologies, and therapeutic drugs to our communities and to patients.”

In a statement, GeneChip said the partnership is intended to accelerate development of its technology, but it also wants to be “a driver of the biotechnology and pharma industries’ transformation.”

“Our goal is to drive the creation of a new generation of biosimilars, or small-scale gene therapies, to improve the treatment of diseases of the body,” said GeneChip Vice President and CTO Robert J. Wirth.

“With a growing population of people with diseases and conditions such as HIV, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, the Biotech Alliance will create the conditions for rapid and widespread development of the biosimilar.”

The alliance has not yet announced a date for the first biotechnology product to be delivered through the initiative.