Genetic Square: the story of a company that is redefining genetics

Genetic Square, a startup that hopes to revolutionize genetic testing, has raised a $2.5 million Series B round.

The company is a collaboration between Microsoft and the medical device company Gilead Sciences, which acquired a 10% stake in the company in March.

The funding will enable the company to expand its product portfolio and to grow its customer base in a rapidly changing industry.

The Series B investment will allow the company “to accelerate its product development and scale, and to continue to grow and improve the platform and the technology that we bring to the market,” Genevieve Sosa, the company’s CEO, said in a statement.

Sosa said that Microsoft’s investment will enable Genetic Square to expand the company beyond its focus on genetic testing.

Sosas team is comprised of seven employees and is led by the company co-founder and co-CEO Andrew Biederman.

They work on a number of product areas including genetic testing and genomic sequencing.

The firm’s products include a handheld app called Genome Genie, a device that will help doctors screen and diagnose blood clots and blood transfusions; and a new product called GeneGen, which is a device for screening and diagnosing genes, said Sosa.SOSA’s team also includes former Microsoft employees, including former Microsoft executives and executives at the firm’s research and development divisions.

The firm has raised $7.2 million from a number a investors including Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, and New York University.

Gilead announced in March that it would acquire a 10 percent stake in Genetic Square for $2 billion.

The company is developing a device to help people with blood clotting disorders like those experienced by Biedermans daughter.

Genevieve has said that genetic testing will be key to GenomeGen, and that the company is aiming to make it as simple as possible to perform genetic tests on people with the disease.

The device will allow for an individual to be tested and have their blood tested for genes related to health and disease.

It will also allow for a genetic test to be run on a person’s entire genome, and a genetic map that will show the genetic differences between people, according to the company.

The devices also will be used in diagnosing the many diseases caused by genetic factors, such as autism, asthma, and Alzheimer’s.

Genetic Square’s goal is to offer products that can help people identify the gene that is causing the disease or the genetic variants that are associated with it, Sosas said.

The GeneGen device can be used for testing blood, hair, and semen samples.

The genotype test can be run using an app on the device or through a web portal.

A user will then receive a list of genetic variants, and then they can choose to have their genetic information sent to Genomic Genomics for testing.

The app, which will be available in the coming weeks, is currently available only in the United States, but a test can also be run in Canada and other countries.

The app will include an interactive questionnaire that allows users to identify their genetic variant and provide their DNA results.

The Genome genomics website says that genetic variants can be found in many different locations, including in the body’s cells, the skin, and other tissues.

The Genome Genomics website also includes a test that can be completed via the app.

This test, which can be done through an app or on the web, involves providing the patient with their genetic data and then completing a questionnaire about their health history and symptoms, as well as a blood test that may be used to test for hemoglobin, a blood protein that helps transport oxygen to cells.

According to the Genome Genetic website, there are approximately 10,000 genetic variants in the genome.

It says that this number is expected to increase as the number of variants increases.

Sons and daughters of individuals with a genetic variant can receive a genetic analysis for that gene by providing blood samples, and Genomegen will collect the results of the blood tests for the individual, according the company website.

The service will also track and report on changes in the genotype and gene variants in people with these variants.

The genotype testing service will be offered for free to Genomes for all individuals, as long as they are not currently enrolled in GenomeDNA, the website states.

The testing service can be accessed through the Genomic genomics app on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

In addition to the genetic testing services, GenomeGain offers a number other genetic tests and services, including genetic counselling, genealogy, and testing of the DNA of individuals in their family tree.

The test service also offers services that include genetic counseling, genealogical testing, and genealogy.

The testing of genetic data also can be made available through the company, and this can be an option for those with health issues.

The new funding comes as Genomegains efforts to create a platform that allows people to self