Best genetic testing? Genetic testing can be very useful, but it’s expensive

Genetic testing, the practice of using a genealogy or pedigree to determine a person’s ancestry, can be a powerful tool.

However, it can also be a waste of money and time.

Here are some reasons why.


Your ancestry is a good indication of your health, but that information is usually wrong Genetic testing is usually done on a person from their parents, not the descendants of those parents.

For example, if a family tree shows two parents from London, then your ancestry would be the London parents, which means you have a higher chance of having Down syndrome.


Genetic testing isn’t free Genetic testing costs a lot of money.

If you need it for a diagnosis, a genetic test is usually required.

This can be costly if you are underweight, pregnant, or have other medical conditions that could affect your health.

A more affordable way of testing is to pay for a test kit.


It’s not always free Genomic testing can often be free, but there are some restrictions.

Some tests are only available for certain countries, such as Australia.

If there is a special testing requirement for a particular health condition, you might have to pay extra.


There’s a lot to choose from You might not have the money for all of the tests, but you might want to take advantage of some of the best ones.

Some genetic testing services offer tests for things like Down syndrome, Down’s syndrome, mitochondrial disease, Huntington’s disease, and Down’s family history.

Other services can test for other conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or asthma.


If genetic testing is used incorrectly, your results might be wrong The risk of inaccurate results is high.

It is difficult to be certain whether the results are correct, but genetic testing companies are not obliged to tell you whether you are at risk.


It may take a while to find out whether you’re at risk of developing a genetic disease Genetic tests can take a long time to run.

They’re often run in small labs, which can take months or even years to run a test.


Some of the genetic tests are unreliable Some tests, such DNA testing, don’t detect genetic disease at all.

DNA tests may be more accurate if the results have been analysed.

This may be because they’ve been run in labs where the people who tested are close relatives.


The tests are expensive Genetics can cost hundreds of pounds, even thousands of pounds.

A good genetic test can be around £300 to £1,000, depending on how much it costs to run and how much time it takes.


It might not be the best option for everyone There are a number of tests that aren’t appropriate for everyone.

Some people will be best suited to one test and be better at diagnosing diseases like Down’s disease.

If that’s the case, genetic testing may be better for you.

If it’s not, genetic tests can help you if you’re in a situation where you can’t afford a test, or you don’t want to pay a lot for the test.