Genetic testing for genetic disorders may soon be available for $10 a pop

Genetic testing is an increasingly popular method for determining which genetic diseases can be treated.

Now, it may soon become available for just $10.

In a statement to The Verge, the company that makes the test, Genome-Wide Diagnostics, said it had a deal with an unnamed patient who wanted to get genetic testing for a variety of medical conditions.

This patient also had a serious condition that didn’t respond to conventional treatments, the statement said.

The patient had been diagnosed with several genetic disorders, including multiple sclerosis and sickle cell anemia, the test revealed. 

The company added that the patient had a history of genetic testing, so it could determine if his or her symptoms were caused by a genetic mutation. 

While the test will be free for the foreseeable future, the patient may need to pay for it if he or she wants to take advantage of the testing options. 

“This may be a good option for those with a history or history of taking supplements and/or taking other medication for certain conditions,” the statement continued. 

Genome-wide diagnostic testing, which costs between $100 and $150, can help people who are unaware of the potential genetic risk of a particular condition or are not sure about the symptoms they are experiencing.

“People are always concerned about the accuracy of their diagnoses and the quality of the information they receive,” the company said in the statement.

“It’s important that we provide people with the most accurate and complete information possible, so that we can make the best possible decisions for our patients.”