Why are so many people so unhappy with their genetics?

Scientists are questioning why so many are unhappy with the way they were conceived.

The survey, which was conducted by a private research firm, showed that 46% of people were dissatisfied with their genes.

And this was a whopping 75% higher than the 37% who said they were satisfied.

A new study says the answer lies in our genes.

The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, was conducted in a UK hospital.

Researchers analysed the answers of more than 5,000 people in England and Wales.

When it came to the number of times a person had been to a doctor for a genetic test, researchers found that a third of people had been treated in the past year.

This is partly because many people have been advised to take a pill called CEPH for a year or two before their test results come back.

But it’s also because many have had their blood tested.

In England and Welsh, around 8.5% of the population have been tested in the last 12 months.

So if you have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, this could be because you’re more likely to have had your test results taken.

But it’s not just the number that is important.

There’s also the fact that many people are unhappy because they have had to wait too long to get a test result.

“It’s not a new issue.

We’ve known for some time that people are not satisfied with the quality of their genetic testing,” said lead author Dr Helen Williams from the University of Bristol.

If you’re a woman in England or Wales and you’ve got a genetic condition like Down syndrome or XY, it can be a real pain.

So the question is: do we really want to be a society that’s unhappy with genetics?

“The research team say it’s hard to tell whether these people are more or less likely to be satisfied with their genetic results.

However, they are confident that they have a solution: the pill.

Williams said: “We have found that when people get CEPHS and have their blood analysed, they’re happier and more positive about their genetic tests.

They’re more open to getting genetic tests for other conditions, so there are definitely positive effects of CEPHD.

“What are your thoughts?

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